Android App Development: Easy & Quick Programming

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9 Hours
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120 Lessons (9h)

  • Introduction to the Course
    Course Introduction1:29
    Brief Overview Of Android6:20
    Final Project Demo4:44
  • Setting Up Your Environment
    Section Introduction0:23
    Installing The Java Development Kit3:02
    Downloading And Installing Android Studio4:05
    Adding Sdk Tools, Packages And Platforms6:50
    Section Recap0:26
  • Structure Of An Android Application
    Section Introduction0:44
    Configuring New Projects Part 1 - Application Name, Package Name, Project Location2:33
    Configuring New Projects Part 2 - Targeted Device And Android SDK’s3:33
    Configuring New Projects Part 3 - Starter Activities1:46
    Configuring New Projects Part 4 - Activity Customization3:58
    Manifest File2:45
    Builld.gradle File5:31
    Res Directory - Drawable Folder3:59
    Res Directory - Layout folder1:36
    Res Directory - Menu Folder1:31
    Res Directory - Values Folder3:04
    Section Recap0:37
  • Running & Testing Android Applications
    Section Introduction0:30
    Setting Up (physical) Android Phone5:10
    Setting Up Emulator7:47
    Running App Via Device or Emulator3:51
    Android Monitor And Debugging5:54
    Section Recap0:20
  • Breaking Down Android Layouts
    Section Introduction0:18
    Views And View Groups3:42
    Introduction To Layouts Editor6:04
    Breaking Down Android Layouts9:11
    Breaking Down Android Widgets7:14
    Defining Layout Text With The String Resource File2:38
    Brief Overview Of Android Units3:04
    Creating Additional Layouts With Android Studio3:55
    Section Recap0:28
  • Breaking Down Android Activities
    0601 Section Introduction0:28
    0602 The Activity Lifecycle4:16
    0603 Settings Layouts And Accessing Ui Elements From Activity6:27
    0604 Creating Additional Activities With Android Studio_Edited3:07
    0605 Creating Additional Activities Without Android Studio5:45
    0606 Section Recap0:26
  • Breaking Down Android Intents
    Section Introduction0:20
    Intent Overview4:51
    Starting New Activities Using Intents5:07
    Sending Data To Another Activity Using Extras4:08
    Receiving Data From Another Activity Using Extras6:40
    Creating Implicit Intents7:33
    Section Recap0:21
  • Setting Up Notebook Application
    Section Introduction0:23
    Creating Notebook Application4:45
    Breaking Down Newly Created Project Part 1 - Toolbar And Actionbar7:38
    Breaking Down Newly Created Project Part 2 - Floating Action Button And Includes10:19
    Implementing The Main Activity Listfragment9:23
    Breaking Down Fragments9:03
    Section Recap0:24
  • Implementing Main Note List
    0901 Section Introduction0:18
    0902 Notebook Application Roadmap Part 11:27
    0903 Demonstrating Simple Arrayadapter6:46
    0904 Implementing Custom Arrayadapter Part 1 - Creating Custom Row Layout10:32
    0905 Implementing Custom ArrayAdapter Part 2 - Creating Note Data Structure8:36
    0906 Implementing Custom Arrayadapter Part 3 - Creating Noteadapter9:54
    0907 Implementing Custom Arrayadapter Part 4 - Finalizing And Filling Noteadapter8:13
    0908 Implementing Custom Arrayadapter Part 5 - Optimizing Noteadapter8:27
    0909 Section Recap0:21
  • Implementing NoteEditFragment
    Section Introduction0:32
    Application Roadmap Part 32:41
    Creating Listfragment Context Menu Part 1 - Adding Menu Layout4:56
    1104 Creating Listfragment Context Menu Part 2 - Implementing Menu Layout7:20
    1105 Adding NoteEditFragment Part 1 - Creating The Fragment1:19
    1106 Adding Noteeditfragment Part 2 - Creating The Layout10:07
    1107 Adding Noteeditfragment Part 3 - Populating Layout With Received Note Data8:13
    1108 Dynamically Adding And Starting Noteeditfragment Part 1 - Asking For The Right Fragment10:55
    1109 Dynamically Adding And Starting Noteeditfragment Part 2 - Loading The Correct Fragment Edited-78:10
    Section Recap0:21
  • Improving NoteEditFragment
    Section Introduction0:22
    Switching Note Categories On Button Click Part 1 - Creating Alertdialog Box Edited9:47
    Switching Note Categories On Button Click Part 2 - Implementing Category Button Onclicklistener5:47
    Confirming Note Save On Button Click Part 1 - Creating Alertdialog Confirmation Box10:30
    Confirming Note Save On Button Click Part 2 - Implementing Save Button Onclicklistener Edited (1)-117:38
    Retaining Information On Orientation Change With Onsaveinstancestate9:07
    Section Recap0:36
  • Creating New Notes
    Section Introduction0:32
    Application Roadmap Part 41:26
    Adding New Note Item To Action Bar Part 1 - Updating Action Bar Layout5:06
    Adding New Note Item To Action Bar Part 2 - Receiving Action Bar Selection5:02
    Modifying Notedetailactivity And Noteeditfragment For Note Creation6:11
    Fixing New Note Bug Part 1 - Sending Data To Fragments4:51
    Fixing New Note Bug Part 2 - Retrieving Data In Fragments6:01
    Section Recap0:30
  • Adding The Database
    Section Introduction0:30
    Getting Help From Sqliteopenhelper8:39
    Reading Notes From Our Database Part 1 - Implementing Database Methods3:56
    Reading Notes From Our Database Part 2 - Using Database Methods3:33
    Creating New Notes In Our Database Part 1 - Implementing Database Methods7:02
    Creating New Notes In Our Database Part 2 - Using Database Methods7:32
    Updating Preexisting Notes8:11
    Deleting Notes7:15
    Section Recap0:33
  • Adding Application Preferences / Settings
    Section Introduction0:32
    Creating Preference Fragment Layout6:50
    Creating Preference Fragment And Activity5:43
    Starting And Tweaking Preference Activity- Fragment3:46
    Retrieving Application Preferences5:21
  • Course Conclusion
    Course Recap And Next Steps3:15
    Additional Resources3:37

Learn the Ins & Outs of Android Studio to Build Seamless Android Apps

Stone River eLearning

Stone River eLearning hires experts to develop high quality technology training. We developed this course in-house, which is why you see us as the instructor. They have staff on hand that can answer your technical questions as you progress through our courses. For more details on this course and instructor, click here. This course is hosted by StackSkills, the premier eLearning destination for discovering top-shelf courses on everything from coding—to business—to fitness, and beyond!


Android is an increasingly popular operating system, making it an exciting and slightly less saturated development frontier than iOS. Not to mention, programming for Android shares many similarities to programming for other platforms as well, making your future education easier. This course will guide you along the process of building a functional, creative Android app and bringing it to users.

  • Access 120 lectures & 9 hours of content 24/7
  • Create, test & run Android apps
  • Learn the ins & outs of Android Studio, the official Interactive Development Environment for Android
  • Understand how to implement database creation, fragment management & custom array adapters into your programming
  • Gain a skill set that will be applicable to all app development projects


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels, but some background in Java may be helpful
  • Android Studio required, compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux


  • Internet required


  • Instant digital redemption
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