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Reusable water bottles are great for the environment and will save you a lot of money in the long-run, but there's one major drawback - cleaning. Reusable bottles should be cleaned regularly, but with traditional bottles it is often difficult to reach the bottom and this difficulty leads to built up mold and other disgusting gunk. Ew! Kiss those days goodbye with the Clean Bottle. The Clean Bottle (as featured on Shark Tank) is a first-of-its-kind bottle that unscrews at the top and bottom, making it a breeze to keep clean. This bundle includes 2 bottles: The Runner and The Square. The Runner is a tough plastic bottle that unscrews on both ends and also includes a detachable front pouch for your phone, iPod or anything else you might like to carry on your run. The Square is a stylish metal bottle with a unique square shape. It too unscrews on both ends and also has a wide, ergonomic handle as well as an awesome smudge proof finish.


Even without their easy-to-clean design, these bottles are top-notch products. Both are guaranteed for life, BPA-free, leak proof and dishwasher safe. The Square's unique shape ensures that it won't roll away if dropped and its fingerprint-proof finish means it will always look great. Concerned about metallic tasting water? Not to worry - The Square has a built in 'Fresh-Taste Lip' to ensure that your drinks always taste great.


  • The Runner:
    • Unscrews at the top and bottom
    • Made with strong BPA-free plastic
    • Removable nozzle
    • Front pouch for phone, iPod, keys, cash, etc.
    • Leak-proof seal
    • Dishwasher safe body (hand wash cap)
    • Guaranteed for life
  • The Square
    • Unscrews at the top and bottom
    • Tough stainless steel construction
    • Wide, ergonomic top handle
    • Fresh taste lip ensures your water won't taste like metal
    • Fingerprint-proof finish
    • Square shape prevents rolling
    • Leak-proof seal
    • Dishwasher safe body (hand wash cap)
    • Guaranteed for life


Added to's 'Wish List: These Beautiful Gadgets and Gear Are Built to Last' "Item is great, so far no leaks on the top or bottom and love that it comes apart for thorough cleaning!" - Kyle Baker, Customer "Shark Tank was right! Wonderful mixer bottle that is easily cleaned, fits in my golf bag, and keeps me hydrated throughout the hottest days!" - John David, Customer


  • The Runner holds 22oz
  • The Square holds 20oz


  • 1 Runner bottle (Blue)
  • 1 Square bottle (Black/Charcoal)


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